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Low cost mining rig for crypto-coins 03: Example


In this entry I will introduce my low cost rig.

Before you try to assemble your low cost rig by DAISO joint rack, read my article for your safety at first, please.

Overall appearance

3 shelves have been mounted: GPUs in the top, a main board the middle, a power supply unit the bottom. The breakdown is as follows.

Item Description Comment Link
CPU Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 Ghz I made my rig by converting a very old PC, more than a decade.
It's very stable and good for operating to mine crypto-coins.
If you're using Ubuntu (or Linux in general), you can reduce power consumption by installing "indicator-cpufreq" software, choosing "Powersave" mode.
Main board INTEL DG965RY This is a old main board as well as the CPU, but it has 1 of PCI express x16 and 3 of PCI express x1. So you can set maximum 4 GPUs to this main board.
The internal graphic function can be chosen, if you mount GPUs to the 3 slots of x1. The CPU is too old to have GPU function inside in this generation.
Memory module DDR2 PC-6400 1GB×2 At least 2GB of memory would be required for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Only 1GB will cause heavy slow down mining operations due to swap.
In addition, before your mining operation I recommend to run 1 loop test of MEMTEST86 and confirm the memory modules have no errors.
PSU 500W 80PLUS Platinum / Enermax Platimax D.F. 80+ (example) In my opinion, if you make a rig which has 3 Geforce GTX 1060, over 700w class power supply unit would not be required, because of total power consumption.
However 80 PLUS grade shall be specially taken care of, because of 24 /7 mining operation. "Platinum" or greater "Titanium" will be preferred, for the better power conversion efficiency.
Hard drive Seagate Momenlus 5400.2 60GB I picked up my old hard drive to save initial cost.
The power consumption will be less than 5W, supposing "5V * 1A" in case of USB connection, so it's not so bad.
Of course choosing SSD is better for performance, but I guess the storage device is one of few items to save the cost.
Since providing hash power at real time with stability can be the highest priority for mining machine, you don't need to focus on the storage device, where some preference files are saved.
GPU GEFORCE GTX 1060 / GIGABYTE GV-N1060IXOC-3GD×3 Relatively cheap in series of Geforce 10xx series, various alternative coins can be mined, especially effective for Zcash.
At first I used this GPUs for the Nicehash, then switched to the Zcash mining connecting to the Nanopool.
GPU extension card PCIE Riser, YIKESHU 3 Pack PCIe PCI-E 16x 8x 4x 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable & 6-Pin PCI-E to SATA Power Cable This is inevitable part for mining machine. I recommend to choose this 3 pack at first. In my try-and-error experience, the total of GPUs could be the multiple of 3 or 4. Therefore you will buy 1 set of 3 packs or 2 sets of 6 packs at first.
Keep in mind this extension card may be consumable because of 24 / 7 continuous duty. So having some extension cards as backup is always the best.
PCI Express x16 extension cable EZDIY PCI Express 16x Flexible Cable Card Extension Port Adapter High Speed Riser Card-9cm If you want to use PCI express not x1 but x16 lane, this flexible cable can be its solution.
I confirmed the function by connecting Geforce GTX 1080 / 1060.
As of 2017, you need 1 GPU with 1 RYZEN CPU, which is not the APU. The main GPU can be connected by this cable in such the case to utilize the x16 bandwidth.
I don't recommend cheaper type, which is less than 10 dollars. It could be flammable during heavy mining operation.
Spot cooler Antec Spot Cool×2 The spot cooler will be very helpful to adjust air flow.
Especially it's effective for multiple high-temperature GPUs with 100 percent TDP operation, in order to avoid clock down of Core / GDDR Memory module.

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Components in detail

Power supply unit

If you pass its supply cable through the wires of the basket like this picture, the unit will not be moved from place to place.

Main board

I used my stocks to fix the main board.
The position of the shelf need to be adjusted between the GPU with extension cable and the PSU with power supply cables.


I chose my stocks as well as the main board.
Like in this picture, 8 slot extension slot is the best, because of equally distance mounting.

2 of the Antec spot cooler have been mounted for creating better air flow.

In case of 4 multiple GPUs

This mining rig can mount 4 GPUs as I say. In that case, over 600w power supply unit is better for the possibility of 100 percent TDP operation.
Keep in mind that the full-power mining operation can be a rare case in Japan, because electric power rate is extremely high in the world and considering mining performance per watt efficiency is much important.
The internal Graphic function and GPU connected to x16 is exclusive due to the chipset restriction of the old generation.

You can connect GPU by using a pci express x16 extension cable in this picture.

The position of every items needs to be adjusted if using the x16 extension cable.

Like in the picture the cable has flexible and can be allowed stress to some extent.

As I say again, in Japan you can save simple but flexible mining rig in low cost. Let's try the DIY with some cautions in my previous article.

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