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Low cost mining rig for crypto-coins 02: Cautions


When you mine crypto-coins by the low cost rig, you have some points to be cared.


Whole supported weight : 10 kg maximum

Keep in mind that not 10kg for each shelf, but as a whole, including all components such as your main board, GPUs, extention cards for the GPU, power supply unit, and so on.

You will need special care about the weight of each part for rig, because normally it would not be considered when you assemble a home-built PC.

Hi-end GPUs such as GeForce GTX 1080 and Radeon VEGA 64 will be always heavy. Even middle or entry grade ones, GPU with large heat sink will be the same situation as well.

I will make a list of PC components soon. Please wait.


Since the material of this mining is a metal with chrome-plated, it's easily electrified. You will put plastic sheet or a piece of cardboard at least, under the main board, in order to avoid damage to your component parts.

As for GPUs, if the extention card has sponge sheet it's OK in aspect of the insulating. However, you need to fix multiple GPUs in some way not to be rolled over or like domino of the GPUs. I recommend to mount GPUs at certain intervals, for example 15mm or so.

Switches should be hidden or dismissed

You may press power / reset button in accident. Therefore as soon as your mining rig gets stable for operation, such the switches needs to be placed deep inside of the rig, or removing them would be a better solution.

Once you have switch(es), you can use it for multiple rigs. One pair of the switch will be prepared as a minimum.

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Any examples ?

Next article I will show you my low cost rig.

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