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Mining PC for crypto-coins 04: Middle / Full tower PC


Finally in this entry I will show you a proposal of Mining PC, using general ATX main board.

Hereafter I call it "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC", which depends on the size of PC case.

Item Description Comment Link
CPU Intel Celeron G3930 BOX If you buy better grade GPUs, then you can be satisfied with hashrate performance of your "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC". Because you can set up to 3 GPUs without PCI extension card.
As of late 2017, this 7th Gen Celeron will be enough for constructing one Mining rig or PC.
Its price is less than 40 USD, but it has 2 cores / 2 threads, 2.9 GHz processor speed and iGPU.
Main board ASUS EX-B250-V7 This main board can be the best solution, which is ASUS EX-B250-V7.
The manufacturer says it has high durability and very good for mining cryptocoin use.
And you can set 3 GPUs without PCI express extension card as you can see.
Of course you can use the extension, then you will have maximum 6 GPUs.
I have this main board and will make a Mining PC or Mining rig within 2017.
Memory module Ballistix Sport LT 4GB DDR4 PC4-19200(DDR4-2400) 4GB The situation is same as CPU, that means you can save money for this Mining PC.
Applying 4GB would be the minimum for both Windows 10 and Ubuntu.
If you have extra budget, a pair of the same memory can provide you better performance, thanks to dual channel function.
PSU 700W 80PLUS Platinum / SilverStone Technology SX700-LPT At least using 700W class power supply unit is recommended, even more wattage the better.
Because your "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC" has minimum 3 GPUs.
If you have 3 pieces of Geforce GTX 1080 then the power consumption is 180W * 3 = 540W, and it will be over 600W including main board with CPU. I guess it could not be enough to set high performance GPUs.
The key point is to calculating by 100 % power limit use.
"Platinum" or greater "Titanium" will be great for mining, for the better power conversion efficiency.
SSD SDSSDA-240G-J26 / SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB I recommend over 128GB class SSD.
Applying old HDD would cause an unbalance of the performance because of slow data transfer speed, so it's not recommended.
GPU GEFORCE GTX 1060 / GIGABYTE GV-N1060IXOC-3GD * 3 (example) You will have 2 choices to make a "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC".
The first is the same idea as the Mining Cube PC or Mining Mini tower PC.
Geforce GTX 1080 is the first and the rest of GPUs will be chosen by what you want to mine specific cryptocoin, like Ethereum, and based on wattage of PSU. This is good if you have limitation of the number of GPUs, up to 3.
The another choice is to choose the same 3 lower cost GPUs than 1080, like Geforce GTX 1060, then the power consumption is lower than the above first choise.
The aim is to change the concept flexibly, you can add extra GPUs and even convert from Mining PC to Mining rig.
In both case, GeForce 10xx series should be chosen for mining multiple alternative cryptocoins.
RADEON GPUs can be only good for mining one specific coins, such as Ethereum and Monero. Otherwise GeForce ones will be better.
Middle tower PC case Thermaltake Core V31 Mid Tower PC case CA-1C8-00M1WN-00 The PC case can be easy to make the internal air flow, of course. However the key point is whether the case can be mounted multiple long GPUs without interference.
This PC case Core V31 could be the good solution, because the shadow-bay HDD/SSD mount part can be relocated.
Keep in mind the slots on the back, you need select PC case with 8 slots. Otherwise you can mount only 2 GPU to your "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC" without open the side cover. Watch it when you choose the case.
Full tower PC case SilverStone SST-FT02 Full-tower type The basic concept is the same as the one for Middle-tower PC case.
This PC case SST-FT02B has
an unique air flow design. The main board is mounted horizontally, although vertically in usual for most PC case.
Then every part will be cooled down by 3 pieces of 180mm Fan in the bottom part. That means the air flow is from bottom to top, not front to back, and side cover is the opposite to normal PC case.
I've used this one, which is expensive but all the parts including GPUs can be cooled very well.
This PC case can be mounted 3 GPUs, despite the 7 slots, since it's designed enough space to set a GPU during 7th and the extra space.
If you have favorite PC case with 7 slots in the back, see the possibility of GPU mounting on 7th - 8th slot.
120mm Case fan

Rosewill 120mm Long Life Sleeve Case Black Case Fan For Thermaltake Core V31, 3 pieces of this 120mm fan is mounted to the front side then it's done regarding air flow construction.
Adding more air cooling fans could achieve "positive pressure" inside PC case, but needs to be tuned by GPU temperature.

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Overall appearance

If you want to mount 4 or more GPUs for "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC", you need to use PCI extension card while the side cover open as you can see in picture.

For the lack for the extended GPUs, you can use DAISO joint rack parts, and some extra items sold in DAISO as well in Japan.

This stainless bar has multiple diameter holes for M4 bolt at 25mm equally spaced. Then you will fix your GPUs by M4 bolt, nut and washers.

Each GPU should be placed as far as they can be, in order to prevent overturning. In other words, this solution is for at least 2 pieces of GPU.

If you have only one GPU for extending, 4 of cable ties can fix the extension card, by using holes at each corner of the extension card. This can be also good for 2 or more GPUs as well to strengthening its fix condition.

You will find an sponge part or insulator in the bottom of the PCI extension card, then it'd be fine about insulation between the GPU rack and GPU with extension card. However please be careful of contacting between them when overturning the parts.

The breakdown of the GPU rack is as follows:

Chrome Plated Shelf (15cm * 30cm) 100 2 200
Chrome Plated Main Pole 25cm 100 4 400
Fastners for JOINT RACK CHR SERIES 100 2 200
Stainless bar 300mm 100 2 200
Bolt / Nut/ Washer set M4~M5 12~30mm 100 1 100
TOTAL 1,100

If you need only one shelf, then it will be:

Chrome Plated Shelf (15cm * 30cm) 100 1 100
Chrome Plated Main Pole 25cm 100 4 400
Fastners for JOINT RACK CHR SERIES 100 1 100
Stainless bar 300mm 100 1 100
Bolt / Nut/ Washer set M4~M5 12~30mm 100 1 100

I hope you can make only one Mining PC.

Finally, in detail of Thermaltake Core V31 and SilverStone SST-FT02, please check the below article (sorry, only in Japanese article but lots of photographs)

これで全てが分かる。Thermaltake「Core V31」徹底解説 / エルミタージュ秋葉原

SilverStone「Fortress SST-FT02B-W」徹底レビュー / エルミタージュ秋葉原

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