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Mining PC for crypto-coins 03: Mini tower PC


In this entry I will introduce other proposal of Mining PC, which I've defined. Hereafter I call it "Mining Mini Tower PC."

Following specification I actually assembled at first, for multi-purpose use including mining.

Item Desctiption Comment Link
CPU RYZEN 7 1700 The situation is almost the same as "Mining Cube PC".
You can mount maximum 2 GPUs for one "Mining Mini Tower PC".
Choosing this RYZEN 7 1700 can boost hashing power with excellent power efficiency.
Main board MSI B350M MORTAR There's some conditions when choose main board: RYZEN AM4 Socket, 2 slots of PCI express x16 and B350 chipset for over clocking.
There may be only few ones to meet the conditions.
I chose MSI one, which can be attached M.2 SSD.
Memory module CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 DDR4 PC-21300(DDR4-2666) 8GB×2 This option is the same as "Mining Cube PC". RYZEN CPU requires good performance memory module. This Corsair could be one of the best.
PSU 600W 80PLUS Platinum / Enermax Platimax D.F. 80+ Platinum (example) 600W class power supply unit is highly recommended, or 700W will be better.
It's based on following estimation: 2 of Geforce GTX 1080 with TDP 100% (180W * 2 = 360W), RYZEN 7 1700 (65W) and adding base power consumption then around 450W in total.
"Platinum" or greater "Titanium" will be great for mining, for the better power conversion efficiency.
SSD MZ-V6E250BW / Samsung SSD 250GB 960 EVO M.2 Type2280 PCIe3.0×4 NVMe1.2 V-NAND This is superfast M.2 SSD, requires PCI express x4 data bandwidth.
The performance of both sequential read:3,200MB/s and write:1,500MB/s is much faster than any SSDs by SATA 3.0 6Gbps connection.
Radeon RX 460 4GB / SAPPHIRE NITRO RX 460 4GD5
The main GPU should be Geforce GTX 1080 and another one chosen based on what alternative crypto-coin you want to mine.
In my case it's Radeon RX460 4GB for monero mining.
PC Case In-win NEXTGEAR-MICRO Series This PC case is for MOUSE COMPUTER (G-TUNE) in Japan. I diverted it from my stock to save cost.
The air flow design is good, you can attach multiple 120 mm case fan to the side cover.
Keep in mind the slots on the back, you need select PC case with 5 slots. Otherwise you can mount only 1 GPU to your "Mining Mini Tower PC" without open the side cover.
120mm Case fan

Rosewill 120mm Long Life Sleeve Case Black Case Fan You can attach maximum 4 of 120 mm fan to the side cover.
4 can be better, but I think 3 is still good as well for spot cooling: 1 for CPU and 2 for GPUs.

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Overall appearance

The size is basic mini tower PC. Mesh covers can take advantage for cooling and better flow.

Side cover

As I said, 4 of 120mm case fan can be mounted.

Front cover

Having bays like 1 of 5" bay and 1 of 3.5" specification is good for daily use.

You can detach mesh covers like the picture, then you will find 1 of 120mm fan for air intake and 1 of 80mm fan for cooling 2 of hard drives inside the PC case.

Back side

The picture shows back without PSU and GPUs. Actually 2 of GPUs will be mounted with 1 slot clearance.
The other solution is using PCI express extension card with side cover open.

In my opinion, the key point of "Mining Mini Tower PC" is GPUs.
As of late in 2017, choosing Geforce 10xx series can be better solution.
Radeon Rx 4x0 / 5x0 series can be excellent for specific alternative coins such as DaggerHashimoto, CryptoNight and Equihash.

In detail of the G-Tune brand PC case, you can find following video and website below.


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