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Mining PC for crypto-coins 02: Cube PC


In this entry I will introduce one proposal of Mining PC, which I defined on previous. Hereafter I call it "Mining Cube PC."

Item Description Comment Link
CPU RYZEN 7 1700 AMD RYZEN should be chosen for the "Mining Cube PC" to earn more hashing power, despite INTEL CPU is done generally for Mining rigs.
As of 2017, it's the best performance in the TDP 65W class.
You can get roughly 500 H/s hash rate at CRYPTONIGHT algorithm without over-clocked.
Main board GIGABYTE GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI (example) You will be able to choose several Mini-ITX main board for the AMD RYZEN AM4.
B350 Chipset or greater one should be better, in case of overclocking.
Memory module CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 DDR4 PC-21300(DDR4-2666) 8GB×2 RYZEN CPU requires good performance memory module.
As of 2017, the price of memory module has been continuously rising due to short of supply of NAND flash memory.
PSU 500W 80PLUS Platinum / Enermax Platimax D.F. 80+ (example) You would not need over 700w class power supply unit, because of TDP calculating: 180W for Geforce GTX 1080, 65W for RYZEN 7 1700, 65W, less than 300W total including power consumption for main board.
However 80 PLUS grade shall be specially taken care of, in case of continuous mining operation. "Platinum" or greater "Titanium" will be preferred, for the better power conversion efficiency.
SSD SDSSDA-240G-J26 / SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB (example) SSD would be much better than HDD for multipurpose use. I recommend over 128GB class SSD.
GPU GEFORCE GTX 1080 / GIGABYTE GV-N1080G1 GAMING-8GD As of 2017, GEFORCE GTX 1080 is the best one if you need to choose only 1 GPU for mining.
you can select various alternative crypto-coins with relatively good hash rate, especially the best for MONA COIN (Lyra2REv2 algorithm).
In addition, this GPU is also almost very good for VR gaming without frustration.
I chose GIGABYTE GPU, that I have experienced none of troubles. So I recommend it.
PC case Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Computer Chassis CA-1B8-00S1WN-00 It is the best choice for the "Mining cube PC" case.
It's easy to construct air flow and to assemble / disassemble.
You can choose normal ATX size power supply supply and any size GPU.
The most fabulous point is price. It's less than 50 USD, I can say it's amazing concerning the specification of this PC case.
80mm case fan Antec TriCool 80mm Cooling Fan with 3-Speed Switch *
You will attach 2 pieces of 80mm case fan on the back part of the Core V1, for venting heat.
You can choose your favorite one. I like X-FAN (Xinruilian). Of course Antec one is good as well.

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Overall appearance

You might feel it's a little big cubic PC. You will know its reason.

Front cover

You will see a 200mm case fan attached. You can replace it with 140mm or 120mm fan as alternatives.
The meshed front panel is good at air intake.

GPU mount

Just example, Radeon RX 460. It's OK.

Then next example, Radeon HD 7970 (R7 280x). You can mount this kind of long GPU like this picture.

The key point is a slit part at front part. This structure allows to set long GPU.

Since the side cover has lots of honeycombed holes, the cooling for GPU will be no problem.
However, you might be let go of noise from fans, as trade-off.

As for storage, 2 of 3.5" hard drive and 2 of 2.5" hard drive / SSD can be mounted. It will be enough for general use, I think.

On the back part, you will set 2 pieces of 80mm fan as shown the picture, as outlet part, to construct air flow. This is important point.

On the ground cover, you will see detachable mesh part below the power supply unit mount part.

You will detach the ground cover, then mount the PSU like this. As you can see there is enough space to set cables.

In detail of THERMALTAKE Core V1, please check the below article (sorry, only in Japanese article but lots of photographs)

これで全てが分かる。Thermaltake「Core V1」徹底解説 / エルミタージュ秋葉原

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