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Mining Crypto-coins as diversification investment in Japan

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Low cost mining rig for crypto-coins 03: Example

2017/10/07   mining rig

In this entry I will introduce my low cost rig. Before you try to assemble your low cost rig by DAISO joint rack, read my article for your safety at first, please. Overall appearance 3 shelves have been mounted: GPUs ...

Low cost mining rig for crypto-coins 02: Cautions

2017/10/06   mining rig

When you mine crypto-coins by the low cost rig, you have some points to be cared. Cautions Whole supported weight : 10 kg maximum Keep in mind that not 10kg for each shelf, but as a whole, including all components ...

Low cost mining rig for crypto-coins 01

2017/10/05   mining rig

In Japan, you can assemble a mining rig by around 20 USD, using materials sold in DAISO one-hundred yen store (one of very popular Japanese one-dollar franchise companies). The breakdown is shown below. Item Price (YEN) QTY SUB TOTAL (YEN) ...

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