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Mining PC for crypto-coins 04: Middle / Full tower PC

2017/10/20   mining PC

Finally in this entry I will show you a proposal of Mining PC, using general ATX main board. Hereafter I call it "Mining Middle Tower PC" or "Mining Full tower PC", which depends on the size of PC case. Item ...

Mining PC for crypto-coins 03: Mini tower PC

2017/10/11   mining PC

In this entry I will introduce other proposal of Mining PC, which I've defined. Hereafter I call it "Mining Mini Tower PC." Following specification I actually assembled at first, for multi-purpose use including mining. Item Desctiption Comment Link CPU RYZEN ...

Mining PC for crypto-coins 02: Cube PC

2017/10/10   mining PC

In this entry I will introduce one proposal of Mining PC, which I defined on previous. Hereafter I call it "Mining Cube PC." Item Description Comment Link CPU RYZEN 7 1700 AMD RYZEN should be chosen for the "Mining Cube ...

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mining PC for crypto-coins 01:Proposal

2017/10/09   mining PC

In this site I want to introduce an option not to assemble rig for exclusive use for mining but to do home-built PC for multi-purpose use. Hereafter I call it "Mining PC". What is "Mining PC" ? It's the PC ...