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Mining Monero (XMR) by Radeon Rx Vega 64 / Vega 56


Recently one Radeon Rx Vega 64 has been installed to my Mining PC to increase hashing power for Monero.

At first, my Vega 64 achieved 1,870 Hash rate per seconds at 200W power consumption by appropriate settings. That can be nice performance at reasonable power consumption as of now (end of 2017).

Furthermore, in case of Vega 56, it's been reported that 1,800 H/s at 160W, which gives you better performance per wattage than Vega 64.

Finally, the price of Vega 56 is cheaper than Vega 64. Then the conclusion is Vega 56 is the best GPU for mining Monero at this time (end of 2017).

You can confirm the latest estimation by following links (

Vega 64 / 1,870 H/s @200W
Vega 56 / 1,800 H/s @160W

However, I have suffered from decreasing of the hash rate to about 1,700 H/s due to some reasons, perhaps internally resetting of GPU or clock down of HBM2 memory. To avoid this behavior, tuning voltage and clock should be set properly.

In addition, you need to install AMD beta version driver for mining, and mining software optimized for Vega is few and has been developing. So you might wait maturing of both the driver and the mining softwares.

Here shows summary of my try and errors in one day.

Item Description Comment Link
Radeon Vega 56 / XFX Radeon Rx Vega 56 8GB 3xDP HDMI Graphic Cards RX-VEGMLBFX6 In case of mining Monero, both Vega
56 and Vega 64 can reach almost the same hash rate, and the former can achieve lower power consumption than the latter.
Although I got Vega 64, you should aim to buy Vega 56.
Radeon Vega 64 / XFX Radeon Rx Vega 64 8GB HBM2 3xDP HDMI Graphic Cards RX-VEGMTBFX6 In my opinion there two reasons to install Vega 64 to your mining rig: one is for mining other crypto currencies such as ethereum, and the other is you have chance to buy Vega 64 in a very reasonable price.
The basic power consumption of Vega 64 is 295W, higher than Vega 56 which is 210W.
And the difference of price is over 100 US dollars between the Vega 64 and 56.
So you need to consider before buying this GPU. The favorite is Vega 56.
graphic driver Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute Release This beta driver is only the option to be installed to your PC at now (end of 2017).
The other graphic driver will provide you 60 to 70 % decreasing of hash rate, which is worthless to be chosen.
When you use Cast XMR, you have to install this beta driver in advance.
AMD official
Mining software
Option 1
xmr-stak-amd This software is good for mining Monero by AMD GPUs, if you focus good performance per wattage.
This software can achieve good (not the best) hash rate by relatively low power consumption. For example my Radeon RX460 can reach 310 H/s at 35W power consumption, and stream processor unlocked one does 330 H/s at the same wattage.
You will need to create special config of "GPU thread" for Vega 64 / 56.
Mining Monero with Vega56 at 1800+ H/s at low power consumption (@loginaut /
Mining software
Option 2
Cast XMR This software seems to be optimized for Radeon Vega series. I confirmed approx. 2% better hash rate than the xmr-stak-amd.
One of good points is that this software can connect to NiceHash and rent hashing power.
As of the beginning of November in 2017, 1 BTC is almost equal to 8,000 US dollars. Increasing hash power through the CryptoNight algorithm could be the good choice.
Cast XMR - high speed CryptoNight miner for RX Vega GPUs (@Gandlaph3000 /
OS Windows 10 Home edition 64 bit edition Basically you need to choose Windows 10 for mining by AMD GPUs.
The most reason is "Wattman" software, for undervolting and flexible memory clock settings, both are the critical functions to aim better performance by lower power consumption.
For almost all mining software it will run under windows 10 64 bit, which is another reason to by the latest microsoft OS.
Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck In Japan, Coincheck is only the one to handle Monero(XMR), as of 2017/Nov.
Just in case of clacking to your account, Your asset on the Coincheck account will be protected up to one million yen per one bill by setting 2fa (Two Factor Authentication) beforehand: Ref article (sorry in Japanese)
coincheck bitcoin
(Added 2018 Jan 26th: Link to Coincheck has been temporarily removed.)
Wallet software Monero official wallet software 64bit(Windows / Linux / FreeBSD) This is the official Monero software.
At first the mining pool payout will be received by your account of exchange company, then second you will send the Monacoin to your wallet software. It is the same way of the Mona coin.
You will choose 64bit edition, because every OS for mining crypto-coin is 64bit.
Monero official website
Mining pool Your favorite one / SupportXMR (example) You will soon realize that it is difficult to increase hash power of Monero.
Low hash rate would lead unfavorable situation that the first payout date is several months after.
So I recommend the SupportXMR mining pool. The minimum payout is 0.3XMR which is relatively low, the pool fee is 0.6% which is also few as well, and the servers have been stable so far.
It could be better to sell hashing power to Nicehash by Cast XMR before you decide to choose your Monero mining pool.

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Examples / etc.

Read it at first

The following settings are just an example, you will need to set values individually in your mining rig.
As I said, I can mine Monero by Vega 64 but decreasing of hash rate from 1,870 to 1,700 was observed for every time, once 10 to 20 minutes or an hour.

hardware switch

Both Vega 64 /56 has one hardware switch to choose the "primary / secondary" mode.
The vent side is "primary" (in picture) and the opposite is "secondary". The difference is power consumption range, the former is higher and the latter slightly lower.

In this time I tried to set by "primary" mode, but will do "secondary" later.
As far as I have confirmed, "Wattman" settings would be far more influenced for better hash rate at low power consumption.

Preparation before mining

for every time when you boot up your mining rig / PC at first "HBCC Memory Segment" is switched to disable, then press "Apply" button.

Then few seconds later the Radeon setting software will show up automatically. Then "HBCC Memory Segment" to Enable, choose the value of the memory and press "Apply".

The picture shows the maximum capacity of the memory (in case of 16GB installed).
The value of this "HBCC" memory size will have no influence to the hash rate or the behavior, because I observed decreasing the hash rate at every time.

This preparation of HBCC "Disable" to "Enable" could be peculiar to the incomplete beta driver.

GPU-Z should be started up before mining. During the mining it was the trigger of decreasing the hash rate in my mining PC.

Wattman settings

Thanks to information provided by gandalph3000 who made Cast XMR and this site, I set it.

For Vega 64:

> Core Frequency: -10.5%
> Memory Clock: 1025 MHz
> Power Limit: -23%

For Vega 56:

> Core Frequency: -4%
> Memory Clock: 945 MHz
> Power Limit: -10%


Open WattMan and set the following values (Note:for Vega 56)

> GPU Frequency: -30%
> GPU Voltage: 1000mV (this needs to be adjusted for every card depending on its stabilty)
> Memory Frequency: 950 MHz
> Memory Voltage: 1000mV (same as with GPU Volt. - adjust it)
> Powerlimit: -30 %
> Fan Min. Speed: at least 3500RPM - better more (you need to cool down the memory as much as possible to prevent it from clocking down)


(*) Unfortunately I could not prevent the hase rate down behavior even I set over 3,500 RPM fan setting. Perhaps spot cooling to the memory module part inside GPU is needed.

Mining by xmr-stak-amd

Screenshot at the beginning, 1,870 H/s at 200W power consumption.

In case of mining by xmr-stak-amd software, following 2 GPU threads per one Vega 64 /56 and tuning "intensity" parameter are required.

"gpu_thread_num" : 2,
"gpu_threads_conf" : [
{ "index" : 0, "intensity" : 2016, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false },
{ "index" : 0, "intensity" : 1600, "worksize" : 8, "affine_to_cpu" : false },

The above intensity "2016 / 1600" might be the best, but you will find other sweet spot in your mining rig.

The above picture shows the decreasing of hash rate.
As soon as I confirmed this one, I changed the memory size of HBCC. But soon I saw same situation. It's not good.

Mining by Cast XMR

According to the programmer, this new software is optimized for Vega. I could confirm better hash rate tahn xmr-stak-amd.

This software can connect Monero mining pool and Nicehash server. I confirmed the connection to CryptoNight / jp server of NiceHash.
The performance is the same as Geforce GTX 1080 or even better, although it depends on the XMR / BTC exchange rate.

The decreasing of hash rate is the same as xmr-stak-amd, but still the rate is better than the xmr-stak-amd.

In case of Cast XMR you can set intensity by command line.
I tried the number "0", "5" and "7", however the hash rate down was observed in every case.

You need to set "--opencl" properly if your rig has Geforce GPU / Intel iGPU.

In next article I will summarize how the Vega 64 is hot and noisy.

 - Monero