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In this site I want to introduce an option not to assemble rig for exclusive use for mining but to do home-built PC for multi-purpose use. Hereafter I call it "Mining PC".

What is "Mining PC" ?

It's the PC mainly for mining, and not rig but typical home-build PC, which contains everything inside the PC case.

Special point

One special characteristic to distinguish the "Mining PC" with "Mining rig" is that PCI express extension card will be rarely attached to the "Mining PC".

That means the total number of GPUs will depend on how many PCI express x16 slots your main board has and on the layout of these x16 slots.

If your main board size is mini-ITX or Micro-ATX, you can have 1 or 2 GPUs. In case of normal ATX, 3 GPU will be the maximum.
Some ATX main board can mount 4 GPUs, but it is rare one and will be expensive.

"Mining PC" can be recognized as a general home-built PC, except it has multiple GPUs.

If you want to mount more GPUs, you release the side cover of the "Mining PC", then prepare a base to put on GPUs with extension card like shown the above picture.

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Frexible mining operation / enable early withdrawal of mining

You can save initial cost to assemble one unit for mining, since total of GPUs is maximum 3. In case of assembling a "mining-rig", you will mount 4 or greater GPUs to the rig, that leads increase of the initial cost.

In addition, the "Mining PC" allows you to operate mining with flexibility, including early withdrawal of mining.

Just in case we will experience the collapse of crypto-currency market, or getting tired of mining crypto-coins. Then you can switch your machine from "Mining PC" to "High performance gaming PC" without time and effort.

Especially "VR gaming PC", it would be one of the best case of the switching, supposing the "mining PC" has 1 high performance GPU such as Geforce GTX 1080 for example. Because SLI / Crossfire technology will not be effective very much for VR game in general.

In case of mining rig, it would be difficult to switch the purpose of the machine. Usually lots of PCI express extension cards can be seldom used for home-built PC.

Even the mining rig has multiple high performance GPUs, it could not take advantage of its characteristics because of x1 narrow data-transfer bandwidth.


Hard to make air flow and to avoid getting dusty

Exhausting heat is really important when you assemble "Mining PC", as hot GPUs are inside the sealed PC case. In case of Rig you would less take special care of it than the "Mining PC" since all components of the mining rig is open-aired.

The situation will be almost the same when you remove side cover. The main board and CPU is still inside the PC case, in some case it cannot stand the heat of the CPU itself and of GPU transferred from outside to inside.

There will be the high priority not to lose time to suspend of the rig due to overheat in general. Therefore it is definitely required that constructing air flow which all components, main board with GPUs / CPU is getting cool.

Keeping out dust is important as well as the air flow. It's much better to make positive pressure inside the "Mining PC". Even little penetrating dust can lead the overheat of GPUs with covered dust in the long run.

In next several articles I will show you my actually assembled mining PCs.

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